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We had a visit from a Vet!

Darren Carr, a vet working in Innisfree Veterinary Surgery, Sligo came to talk to our Junior and Senior Infants last week!  He brought in his dog, Millie and showed us how vets exam animals.  Mr. Carr talked about the all the different types of pets he treats and how he became a vet!  He also told us how to look after our pets and not to feed our dogs chocolate, grapes or sultanas as these foods are very bad for dogs!  The most unusual animal he treated was a camel which was part of a circus visiting Sligo!

We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Carr for taking the time out to visit us and for answering all our questions!  We really enjoyed his visit and we learned a lot about the job of a vet and pets.

Junior and Senior Infants


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