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Interesting History

We had a fun history class in the hall on Wednesday and we learned a lot about the past. Declan brought a mini museum to our hall. We learned about the ice age and how the first animals came to Ireland. Wild boar, deer, wolves and elk were the first animals to roam about the country.

We learned about the Megalithic, Neolithic and the Palaeolithic ages. We saw the weapons Stone Age people used like an axe, a bow, an arrow, spear and flint stones .By rubbing two flint stones and metal together sparks were made. Doing this over bits of wood and grass fire was made. We saw some animal skins and clothes made from animal skins. Clare and Ryan put the clothes on and they looked like Stone Age people. There was a quern stone where wheat was milled. We saw some pottery bowls made by thumb and another bowl was tube shaped. They were made from clay.

There was a hut made from willow and hazel and it had animal skin on the roof and floor. I would give the exhibition ten out of ten. We all loved it.

Emma 3rd class


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