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Our Family History

Our  third and fourth classes have been studying our family histories over the past few weeks. We made timelines and  family trees and interviewed our parents and grandparents about life when they were young.

When we were making our timelines we wrote about all the important events that have happened in our lives such as starting school and making our First Communion.

We also drew a family tree and wrote the names of the members of the family, including brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. Then we coloured them in.

The last thing we did was have an interview with our parents and grandparents. We got the questions fom our history books. Here is some things that we found out about  when our parents were young. There were bars named Picnic, Dime, Macaroon and Snickers.There were singers and bands called Abba, A-ha, Guns and Roses, Queen and Bruce Springteen, there were games like Hopscotch and chores included getting water from the well, feeding the cows and hens and making the beds. We realised that some apects of our parents lives as children were very similar to our own but that some other things were very different!

We recorded all our information on a noticeboard and some of us brought in artefacts which we talked about and displayed on a special table.

We can’t wait for another project ! Third and Fourth class. Thank you for reading.


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