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Since last week, 6th class have started a new blog for the teacher and all the class pupils. Our teacher Mr. Quinn had unveiledĀ it to us on Monday 17th of September. He gave us our own blogs for us to post in school or after school at home. Mr Quinn has started to give us homework to do on the blog at home. All of the class have our own profiles and an avatar and our blog name. We can change our avatar any time we like. When we are posting, we have to give it a title and a tag and if you want to, you can put a picture in your post. Mr Quinn said if there is anything you like you can put it on the blog as a blog post. If someone puts a blog post on the blog, you can comment below the blog post what you think of it. If you publish a blog post, and someone comments on it, it will show up on your dashboard saying “comments for me” and a count of people who have commented on your blog post or any other blog posts. I think blogging with my class is really fun because you can read everything that your friends post and you learn about what everybody likes and doesn’t like.


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