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Our Day at Google!


We went to the Google offices in Dublin for a prize-giving ceremony for the Doodle4Google competition!

When we arrived we were given name tags and refreshments, I got a t-shirt with my doodle printed on it!

Google had lots of laptops ready for us to use, our doodles were playing on flat screen televisions.  The finalists then went to workshops and the adults watched a movie.  Our group made cool birds out of coloured clay and feathers, it was fun!  I met lots of new friends.

Then we had the prize-giving ceremony, I didn’t win my category but Mr. Herlihy gave me my doodle framed.  A big Thank You to everyone who voted for me!  Patrick Horan won the top prize.  He created the doodle from cogs and clocks, it is brilliant, well done Patrick!

Afterwards we had a huge party, we had chips, pizza, chicken nuggets, candy floss, lollipops, cupcakes and brownies!  On our way home I got a great Google bag with lots of goodies inside!  We had a great day at Google!

Amber, 2nd Class


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