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Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day. It is a day for showing you how to use the internet properly and safely. We visited a website called Webwise and looked at a video about surfing the internet. We learned some Golden Rules about surfing the internet. These are some of those rules:

  • Don’t always say “Yes” when a pop-up appears
  • If you come across something bad on the internet, shut down the page. If that doesn’t work just turn the computer off.
  • Don’t always believe everything you see on the internet.
  • If anyone says you won a competition, don’t give them your bank account or email address.
  • If you find anything bad on the internet, tell your mum, dad or teacher. They can report it on the Hotline website.
  • Don’t give any personal information on the internet because this information can be sold to other websites and they can send you spam or a virus.
  • To find out if a website is telling the truth, look for their contact details or about page to find out who they are.

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