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World War Two Podcast

World War II


We have just finished a class project on World War II. We divided up into groups of three. Each group had a different topic to research. We used the laptops to do our research and type it up. Then we presented our findings to the class. Finally we made a podcast of our findings. It was good fun!


Here are some of the most interesting facts that we learned:

  • The atomic bomb that was dropped onHiroshimawas called ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’ was dropped onNagasaki.
  • Hitler’s Dad changed Hitler’s name to Adolf when he was 13 years old.
  • Albert Einstein was German but he advised the Americans on how to make the atomic bombs.
  • It wasn’t just Jews put in the concentration camps, gypsies, political prisoners, ethnic minorities… were put in also.
  • The Jewish spoke their own language called ‘Yiddish’.
  • Dublinwas bombed by accident instead ofManchester.
  • D-Day was delayed by a day due to bad weather.
  • 250,000 Jews leftGermanyand the rest were put into concentration camps.
  • There were only 5 midget-subs in the world. Four were destroyed atPearlHarbourand the other one was captured.
  • To make an atomic bomb you have to split an atom!
  • D-Day was also called ‘Operation Overlord’

Our Podcast!!   World War II podacst final


By 6th Class



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