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6th Class Identity Day

6th Class Identity Day 7th October 2011


On Friday 7th October, 6th Class had an ‘Identity Day’. An ‘Identity Day’ is where everyone in the class tells the class something about themselves that no one else knows. We got the idea from a school that we are following on Twitter @Gill_Villeans. They are fromCanada.


Some people brought in photographs and various objects to do with what they were talking about.  We learned:

  • 3 people had their lives saved when they were smaller
  • 2 people set off fire alarms in public buildings by accident
  • Ciara dressed up as Mickey Mouse!
  • Steven kept kicking the incubator when he was born!
  • Attracta wants to move toAustraliaand have a koala!
  • A few people have had stitches
  • Kieran fell out the door on a baby walker
  • Aoibhin brought in her dancing shoes
  • Sean likes old style rap
  • A few people got lost over the years!
  • Thomas had a twisted ankle when he was born and needed surgery
  • Niall’s dog got ran over and has no bone in her left hind leg.
  • Shane had his Christmas dinner last week because his brother is moving toCanada
  • Evelyn has 2 guinea pigs.
  • Paddy goes toSardiniaevery year.
  • Sean went on roller skates and ended up in a bush!
  • Lee sleeps with a blue blanket that he has for 12 years!
  • Silvio likes classical music
  • Stephen likes AC/DC
  • Pauric skateboarded for the first time this summer
  • Donagh fell down the escalator in Quayside
  • Jack used to bring a hammer to bed and he loved Wendy from Bob the Builder!
  • Hannah left her hand on the hot stove for 15 seconds when she was 1
  • Miss Hynes has a very cute niece!


We all learned a lot about each other!

6th Class


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