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The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes is an old story. It was written by Hans Christian Andersen, a storyteller from Denmark. The story was good fun. The story was about an Emperor who liked clothes. Two mysterious people came into the village. They went into the Emperor’s castle and they told the Emperor that they could make the finest cloth in the village. The Emperor gave them lots of money to make the finest outfit for him. The two scam artists pretended to make the finest clothes. The Emperor sent his Prime Minister to check on the outfit, but he saw nothing. They said to the Prime Minister that if he could see nothing then he was stupid or unqualified. So the Prime Minister said that they were doing a great job. But he didn’t really see anything.

The two men told the Emperor that the outfit was as light as a spider’s web. They said it would feel like you were wearing nothing. Then they ran off into the woods with all the money. Then the Emperor went out to walk in the parade, but he was only wearing his underwear. The crowds started cheering. A little boy really wanted to see the Emperor’s new clothes. But, he didn’t see them because the Emperor was wearing no clothes. Then he was sad. The crowd then started booing. The Emperor felt stupid for believing them.

We watched the video of the story of the Emperor’s new clothes. It was good fun.

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