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6th Class in Delphi – Day 3

Delphi Day 3

The Great Adventure

We woke up and took everything out of the room and put them in the sports hall. Next we had breakfast we had cereal, tea and toast. Soon we headed for the zip wire .We climbed up a ladder joining to a pole. On top of the pole there was a wobbly platform and a very nice man who helped us with our harness .We jumped off the platform it was fun but scary. As we were sliding down the zip wire we had too drop our rope so the instructor could catch it. The black leaver was attached to the rope which we had to pull down with two hands to lower our self to the ground. We took off our harness and the next person brought it up to the platform. It was great fun!!

Next we walked to the archery range. It was very close. There the instructor taught us about archery. Everyone had a few practice shots. It was quite hard! We played a game where we had to think of famous people and places to aim for there five colours: yellow, blue, red black and white. The two teams got a person to date and a place to go to. It was really fun! After we headed back to lunch in the adventure centre
We first got into our pjs and went down for lunch we got chips, fish fingers and soup. After we went up to the conservatory and talked to our friends for a while. We were sad to be leaving already. Our journey home was about 3 hours long we watched a movie on the way home called Shrek. We arrived home at half 4. We were all really tired.
On Thursday everyone was too tired to come into school. On Friday only about 7 people came in. It was the best school tour ever we hope to go back. Everyone had the best time!!

By Louise, Caoimhe and Aoife!!





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