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6th Class in Delphi – Day 2

The next morning we did kayaking. We did kayaking for two and a half hours. We played fun kayaking games. We played cops ‘n’ robbers game like ‘Sharks and Minnows’. We did pier jumping and played on our kayaks.

Afterwards we did team building. Some games were confusing! The first one was called ‘Spiders Web’. It was ropes all tied together which we had to crawl through without touching the rope. If one of the team-members touched the web we would have to start over.

Another game was when an instructor made a noise and we had to be blind-folded and try to find where the noise was coming from.

The next game was we had three planks of wood. We would have to find a way to get across the wood with-out touching the ground.

Another game was called ‘Towers of Hanoi’. We had three poles and five tyres. The first pole had all tyres. Each tyre had a number on them. The second pole had to have one of these tyres on it at all times. The third pole was the pole which we had to move all the tyres to, in their proper order. It was a very confusing game!

Near night-time we had to do a bog-walk (nightline.) It’s basically where we had to wear blindfolds and walk in mud. It was very muddy and fun! We walked into puddles of muck and one of the puddles was up to our necks! The person in front of you had to direct you where to walk! Overall we really enjoyed it!!! J J

By Sarah, Connell & Oisin L.


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