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6th Class Art Project

6th Class have been involved in planning and designing a mural for our school bike shed.

Karen Webster:

 On the 5th of May 2011 an artist called Karen Webster came into our classroom and talked to us about the sea. She then told us about a mural we were planning to do and that we would be having different sessions with her. She said we would be painting the mural on the bike shed, around the back of the school within a few weeks. We were all very excited! After she talked to us about it, she got us to draw and paint some ideas that she would scan onto the mural!


 We chose to do the mural on the sea because Karen thought that the sea is very important in our eco-system. The sea is also very close to us (Strandhill beach). We love the sea and find it a very interesting place. Karen told us some facts about the sea, for eg:

  • 70% of the world is made up of ocean/sea.
  • There is over 500 types of seaweed.

Karen encouraged us a lot and she got us very interested in the ocean!!

What we did?


We drew our creations on water paper and then painted them. We used special pens so that the ink would run so it made the outsides darker. Then the paint ran over them and so the creations would come alive! Karen then gave us fact sheets so we would know a bit about what we were painting.
How we designed it?

 We designed it by using the paintings we painted in previous sessions to use in the mural. The next week she told us how she was planning to put it up onto the wall of the bike shed. She also gave us the plan that we had decided on, and told us to colour it in so we would have the colours already organized for when we were painting the mural!


 This week we are painting the Mural. We have already drawn the grid and animals. Tomorrow we are going to start painting it with colour and detail. Karen will come in and help us to not make mistakes like running paint or painting over something! We are painting from Monday to Thursday and there are 4 groups and we each get a half an hour working on it.

By Luke, Brian & Claire McV


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