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Reading Pals

We started a Reading Buddies programme in our class. We decided to call it Reading Pals because we liked that name better!

We have our Reading Pals Time at 11am every day. Mrs. Timoney comes in to help us.

In our Reading Pals sessions we read nice books, we share our books and we praise each other. We have fun reading with our partners and we think it’s very interesting!

Before we read our books we talk a lot about the title, cover, author and pictures! We try to predict what our book is about!

We read and then we make flashcards of any words that we didn’t know and we look them up in the dictionary. We make sentences out of the words and we have made up some fun games with our words.

We have special folders with a green pocket and a red pocket. When we work really well with our partners we get a sticker on our reward sheet!

Rang 1 & Rang 2

I like Reading Pals because I like reading and I have a good partner called Ellen. She is very nice.

By Claire.

We’ve started a project called Reading Pals. We all have partners. We love this project, it’s so cool and a lot of fun.

Katelyn & Aisling.



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