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Trans-Atlantic Sweet Postage

Trans-Atlantic Sweet Postage

We are sending a box of sweets over to Indiana USA. We are sending them to @superkiddos who are a school we know on Twitter. We decided to swap sweets with them. We are sending them some of the sweets that they don’t┬áhave and we do have. They are sending us sweets that we can’t get in Ireland. Before we sent the sweets over, we discussed with Ms. Rolf what to send over and what not to send over. We asked Ms. Rolf for help because she was born in Texas USA. We used Twitter to ask @superkiddos to ask them what we have and what they don’t.

In the box that we are sending we put in some Cadbury sweets because they don’t have them, Taytos, Chickatees, Chipsticks, Hoola Hoops, Onion Rings, Snakes and Shamrocks, Emerald sweets and lots of others. We are looking forward to seeing what sweets they send us over and we are looking forward to tasting them.

By Aidan and Eimear (Rang II)


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