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First and Second Class Coil Clay Pots!

We started our CraftEd project with Kim Sharkey!

We visited Carrowmore and we looked at the tombs.  We decided to make coil clay pots using different types of clay.  The people who lived 6,000 years ago used clay pots for lots of things.

Kim showed us lots of different types of clay and some of her own pieces that she had made.  We thought they were lovely.  

We made five sausages out of our piece of clay.  It was important that we rolled them evenly and that we did not poke the clay.  If we poked the clay, air would have got into it and it might explode when we put it into the kiln!  We then put newspaper into bowls to help us with the shape of the coil pot.  We rolled each sausage into a spiral and we placed each one into the bowl.  Then we smoothed down the inside of our pots with the back of a spoon and our fingers.  We put our initials inside.  

Our coil pots are now drying in our art press!  After our mid-term we will put our pots into a kiln and glaze them.  Thank you to the parents who helped us.

 We had lots of fun making our coil pots, we can’t wait to see Kim again and make more exciting things with clay!

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