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Peter and the Wolf

We looked at the story of Peter and the Wolf. It was written by Sergei Prokofiev. Each character in the story is represented by an instrument. Peter is the string instruments; the bird is the flute; Grandpa is the bassoon; the duck is the oboe; the cat is the clarinet; the wolf is the French horn; the hunters shots are the kettle drums. We went onto the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Kids website to listen to the sounds of the different instruments. Mr. Quinn read the story of Peter and the Wolf to us last week. Today we looked at a video of Peter and the Wolf on YouTube. We all thought it was very good. It was a cartoon with the music in the background. We are making some pictures of a part of the story.

By Aidan D and Stephen G (Rang II)

Peter and the Wolf – Part 1

 [media id=6]

Peter and the Wolf – Part 2

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