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Helicopters Experiment

Helicopter Experiment

Today we made helicopters from card. We made a large and a small helicopter. We cut out the helicopters from card. We then folded along the dotted lines. We put a paper clip on the bottom of the helicopters. Then we tested them to see which helicopter landed faster. We tried putting two paper clips onto a helicopter to see what would happen. We held races between different helicopters. We discovered that when we put two paper clips onto the big helicopter that it just fell to the ground and didn’t spin. When we put two paper clips onto the smaller helicopter it spinned more and fell to the ground faster. We also tested dropping the helicopters from different heights. We discovered that if you put the big helicopter a bit lower than the small one, they both reached the ground at the same time. We discovered that by standing on a chair, the helicopter worked better by coming down faster and spinning more. We enjoyed doing this experiment.

By Rang II & Rang III


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