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Our Visit to the Library

Library Trip 01

Today we went to Sligo County Library to listen to an author named Malachy Doyle.as part of Children’s Book Festival 2010. We listened to him read some stories that he had written. There was one story called “Football Ghosts”. He read half of it and he asked us some questions. He also asked us what we thought would come next.

Library Visit 02

There was another story called “The Lambton Curse”. It was about a young rude boy called Young Lambton. While his family was at mass on Sunday he went out fishing. He caught a worm that looked like an eel. When his family returned from mass he threw the worm down the well. An old man told him not to do it because whoever caught the worm had to keep it. Because he caught the worm, Young Lambton’s family would be cursed forever.

Library Visit 03

Another book was called The Dancing Tiger”. It was about a little girl and a tiger who danced in the forest at night. Two girls from the class danced with a teddy tiger that Malachy had brought with him.

We really enjoyed our library trip. We thought the stories were really good and interesting. We thought that Malachy Doyle was a good storyteller and author. The whole trip was outstanding.

By Rang II & Rang III


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