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School in the Past

For homework we interviewed our mum, dad, aunt or grandparents to find out what their life was like when they were younger. We found out lots of interesting facts about their life. Here are some of the things that we discovered:

  • My granny told me about boxty which was a type of food treat (Leah)
  • My granny’s favourite thing to do was cycle (Joshua)
  • My dad liked playing Roll the Dice (Amy)
  • My granny dropped my mum off at school but she had to walk three miles home (Jack)
  • My granny told me that she had to walk to school (Caoimhe B)
  • My dad told me that before he went to school he had to bring out the cows for milking (Fiona)
  • My dad had to walk to school but his older brother went on the bus (Sarah)
  • My mum told me that she played football, basketball and hurling when she was young (Sophie-Leigh)
  • My granny told me that her favourite game when she was younger was hopscotch (Eilis)
  • My granny’s favourite song was “Óró Mo Bháidín” (Caoimhe O)
  • My mum’s favourite game was Red Rover (Maeve)
  • My aunt’s favourite singer was Joe Dolan (Ellen)
  • My dad’s favourite game was hide and go seek (Lynne)
  • My mum’s favourite game was playing with a hula hoop (Stephen)
  • My mum’s favourite song when she was young was “This Old Man” (Jim)
  • My dad had to wear wellies going to school because the yard was muddy (Ciara Mc)
  • When my dad was younger his favourite song was “Help” by the Beatles (Aidan D)
  • My dad’s favourite song when he was younger was “We Will Rock You” by Queen (Ciara L)
  • My mum had to wear a black dress and a grey jumper to school (Eimear)
  • My granny lived on a farm when she was younger (Aaron)
  • My granny wore skirts and jumpers in the winter and summer dresses in the summer (Caoilfhionn)
  • My mum got to wear anything she wanted to school (Sam)

By Rang II and III


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