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How Food Goes Off

Today we talked about what sort of food goes off. We looked at a science book and we saw pictures of all different types of foods that have gone off. There was a picture of peaches and one had a mould on it. We talked about preserving food. You can preserve food by putting salt on it, by pickling it, by freezing it, by keeping it airtight or by tinning it. We use our senses to see if food is gone off.

We found out that before we buy milk it has been heated to kill some of the germs. This makes it safe for us to drink. Then milk must be kept in the fridge so that it will stay fresh. When milk goes off there is a thick layer of yellow skin at the top.

We are doing an experiment to see how food goes off. We have put food on the window sill in the classroom to see which ones go off. We have apple, bread, ham, cracker, cheese, milk, grape, pepper and yogurt. Already the milk is starting to smell funny and the ham is going yellow.

By Sam & Eimear (Rang II)


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