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The Giant From Scotland


Art Work by Eva (Rang I)

We read a legend called the Giant from Scotland. This is the story. Once there were two giants. Their names were Una and Fionn and they were from Co. Antrim. They lived in a castle. One day a messenger arrived to talk to Fionn. “Are you willing to fight Angus?” said the messenger. “I will challenge him” said Fionn. Fionn started getting ready. He built a big causeway to Scotland. One evening when Fionn came home Una was worried. “Fionn”, said Una, “I have just heard that Angus is the biggest and certainly the strongest giant in Scotland. You will not defeat him with strength. You will need a plan” they thought for hours. Eventually Una came up with an idea but she didn’t tell Fionn. The messenger came again. “Angus will come tomorrow”, he said. The next morning when Fionn got up he saw Una knitting. “Why are you knitting while I have to fight Angus today?” shouted Fionn. “This is my plan” said Una. “Put this on” she said. “Earlier on I asked Fergus to make a cradle for me” she added. Later on Angus came. “Where is Fionn?” shouted Angus. “Is he afraid to meet me?” “Fionn is out hunting” said Una. “He will be back soon. Come in” said Una. “Our baby is over there”. “That’s one big baby!” thought Angus. Angus ran away at the thought that he had to fight a beast. But when he got to the causeway he thought, “What if that huge beast is chasing me?” So he threw rocks from the causeway into the sea. To this day you can only see a little bit of the causeway. We hope you enjoyed that story.

By Jim and Ellen P (Rang II)


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