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The Brown Bull of Cooley


Art Work by Caoimhe O’

Queen Maeve and Ailill lived in Connacht. One night Maeve and Ailill started to boast about their riches. But then Ailill then remembered his white bull Finnbhennach. Maeve was silent because she had no bull in her herd like this one. Maeve sent for her druid immediately! “Tell me”, she demanded, “where in Ireland will I find a bull as fine as Ailill’s one”. “It’s in Cooley and it belongs to Daire Mac Fiachra”, said the druid. Maeve sent messengers to Ulster at onece. Daire Mac Fiachra ordered a feast to give the bull to them. But one of the messengers said something that made Daire very angry. So he did not give them the bull. But Maeve took it anyway. The brown bull killed Ailill’s bull and went back to Cooley. But his heart burst and he died so no nobody had a bull any more.

By Sophie-Leigh and Caoimhe


Art Work by Lynne


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