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Puppet Show


We went on the bus into town to go to the library. We saw a puppet show at the library. They were very funny. The characters in the show were Lauren, Jack, the Mayor, the Princess, the Wizard, the Pirate, the Big Bad Wolf and Bookie Wookie. The show was about reading. Jack went to the library to get a book for his dad. There were no books in the library because the Mayor threw them all out. Jack climbed up the shelf to get a book and he fell because it was too high.


Then Bookie Wookie fell down from the shelf. Jack heard a smash sound. Jack looked to see what it was. Then Bookie Wookie and Jack became friends. Bookie Wookie said “I have lots of story friends for you to meet”. Jack said that he was too busy playing with his video games. Then Bookie Wookie said that he could try some books.



The Mayor owned a battery machine so that the children could replace the batteries in their video games. But the battery machine broke down. All the DS’s ran out of power and they couldn’t play any games. The battery machine could not be fixed for two weeks. The Mayor got very angry. Jack could not play his games and he tried to think of something to do. Jack went back into the library to see Bookie Wookie. Bookie Wookie showed Jack and Lauren all the characters in his stories. Jack started to read some of the stories. The Mayor wanted to rip up the books but he wasn’t able to. We helped the Wizard to make a spell to make the Mayor disappear forever. Everybody wanted to read books again.

The puppet show was fascinating. It was very funny. We really enjoyed it.

By Rang I and Rang II


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