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Christmas Cup Tree

The pupils and staff in The Glen have spent the last couple of weeks creating a special Christmas Tree. The tree is made from plastic cups which are glued to circles of corrugated plastic. All of the cups were first covered in different shades of green, using tissue paper and crepe paper. We cut out different sizes of circles of corrugated plastic and glued
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Antarctic Art

We looked carefully at some pictures of emperor penguins – the shapes and colours. We chose whether to paint an adult or a chick.

Arctic Art

Inuit art We looked at some examples of Inuit Art then tried our own versions.   Polar Bears under the Northern Lights First of all we used a purple and then a blue wash. After that we stuck cling film on the blue to create an icy look.  We used sparkly paint for the Northern Lights. Last of all we cut out a polar
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Second Class 2016

Second Class have made a great start to the year. In Gaeilge we’ve been asking and answering questions based on Mé Féin, in art we used a ruler to make starburst pictures and did Graffiti style names, we’ve played maths games, looked at family trees, started our new religion books, worked on our running style in P.E. and enjoyed Golden Time. This week we
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Narnia by 4th class

“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by 4th class. In fourth class we build up a picture of Narnia as we read the novel “The lion the witch and the wardrobe”. We made pictures of Mr Tumnus’s house, Mr and Mrs Beavers house, the white witch, the dwarf and the Pevence children.     We described characters in detail as we met them in
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Third Class History Projects

  The children in Third class carried out project work based on Christopher Columbus. They worked in pairs or in groups. They were very creative and worked hard on their Art projects. The children used a variety of materials such as wood, clay, lego and card. They then presented their projects to the class. I was very impressed with the effort they put into
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Second Class Art

Clarice Cliff was part of the ‘art deco’ artist movement. She loved to use vibrant colours; including blue, black, orange, green, red and yellow. We looked at some of her scenes and did our own paintings based on them.    

Spring Flowers

Pupils from The Glen have been doing some work about Spring.They made some Spring flowers using painted handprints which they really enjoyed. They then cut out the flowers, stems and leaves and displayed them on the wall.

The Legend of Spud Murphy

We are really enjoying our latest novel The Legend of Spud Murphy. Spud is described as a ninja librarian. She is very strict and it is believed she has a spud gun under her desk that she uses on bold children. We are discussing the story as we read it, finding new words, making predictions and practising our reading aloud skills. We drew pictures
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Green School Competition

The green school committee organised a competition in November where children had to come up with a slogan to promote biodiversity.  The entries were to be in by the 12th of December.  We received a great response and we got many great slogans and also great artwork. It was very difficult to pick a winner but the winners were Junior/senior infants: Finn McD 1st/2nd:
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