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On Thursday 26th October a number of children from 3rd to 6th class took part in a Try-a-Tri event an initiative run by Triathlon Ireland and Sligo Sports and Recreation at Sligo Sports Complex and Cleveragh Regional Park. The event consisted of a 50m swim, a 1,500m cycle and a run of 800m with all the children enjoying the challenge.

Third Class Water Projects

The children worked in small groups on their projects. They carried out their research at home and in school and presented them to the class on May 13th. The topics covered were: The Great Barrier Reef, Rivers and lakes of Ireland, Rivers and lakes of the World, Sea Life, Oceans and Seas of the World, The Water Cycle and Sea Plants and Animals. The
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Pen Licence

Third Class have focused all year on improving their handwriting and especially their cursive writing. The children were delighted to receive their own pen licence certificates this week. This means they can now use pens aswell as pencils in school. Well done!

FAI Schools Futsal

Some of the girls from 3rd and 4th classes participated in a 5 a-side futsal tournament on Tuesday 20th January. The day was arranged so they played as many matches as possible giving them a great opportunity to try something new. This is what some of the girls had to say. “We played futsal in the IT on Tuesday 20th January. We played against
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International Talk Like a Pirate Day

On September 19th we celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day in our class. We had great fun making pirate hats, creating pirate character profiles, making Wanted posters, and acting out simple pirate dramas.    

Third Class Roald Dahl Study

                Over the last month, third class have been studying some of the works of Roald Dahl. Rather than the usual approach of the whole class reading and responding to the same novel, we decided to try a theme based approach to explore the novels. The class was divided into 3 groups with each group reading a
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Third Class Projects

As part of our Geography study of a European country, everyone in the class completed a project on The Netherlands. We found out lots of interesting information about this country. Some of the most popular topics featured in our projects were articles on polders, windmills, tulips, Dutch sport, Vincent Van Gogh and fact-files of the country. Our projects are currently on display on the noticeboards outside our classroom.

Third Class Chalk Drawings

  Recently in Art we have been drawing using chalk.  For our first lesson on this topic we all completed a black and white chalk drawing entitled ‘Midnight Spider’.  Our second lesson was to create a coloured chalk drawing of a fruit bowl. We tried to use our previous experience of pencil drawings to use shade and shadow to create form in our drawings.  
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Third Class Art

We have been exploring paint and colour in Art throughout September and October. We experimented with mixing primary colours to create secondary colours and painted colour wheels to show our outcomes. We also experimented with adding black and white to primary colours to create different shades of the same colour. We then used all the techniques we learned to create a number of pieces of
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Third Class Geography

In Geography we have been studying weather and climate. We learned that Ireland has a temperate climate which means that we don’t normally get extremes of hot or cold weather. We learned about the symbols used to show different types of weather. We also learned all about the water cycle, sang a song about it and illustrated it in our copybooks. Finally we investigated weather
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