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The Dentist

Today we had a visit from Eimear Cleary in connection with our Aistear topic – The Dentist. We looked at how different drinks affect our teeth and how to clean our teeth properly. We learned that some foods are bad for our teeth if we eat them too often and that we should brush our teeth twice a day. We counted out the amount
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Feeling Faces

We made ‘feeling faces’ with our buddies from 6th class. We decided what type of emotion we wanted to show and why our person felt like that. Our buddies helped us choose and  cut the different materials we used.


On Friday our ‘buddies’ from 6th class came to work with us for the first time. We practised our colouring, cutting and sticking skills.

Narnia by 4th class

“The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by 4th class. In fourth class we build up a picture of Narnia as we read the novel “The lion the witch and the wardrobe”. We made pictures of Mr Tumnus’s house, Mr and Mrs Beavers house, the white witch, the dwarf and the Pevence children.     We described characters in detail as we met them in
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Internet Safety

On Thursday November 12th, as well as a talk on Healthy Eating, we also had a talk in the school hall on Internet Safety for parents. This is an important topic for parents to be informed about and parent and IT professional Debbie Woodward gave an excellent presentation to parents. The presentation covered areas such as Social Networks (Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Messenger), Online
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Healthy Eating Guidelines

On Thursday November 12th, a meeting for parents was held in the school to outline our new Healthy Eating Guidelines for school. This was the culmination of a lengthy process of consultation between teachers, parents and pupils. A committee of staff and parents consulted with the general parent body and the pupils of the school to ascertain their views on healthy eating. Some of
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Junior Infant Self-portraits

During Circle Time we discussed what makes each of us special.  We talked about how we all look different and unique.  During Art we then used torn coloured paper, crayons and googly eyes to create self-portraits.

2nd Class and J.I working together on the Safe Cross Code

Our novel The Hodgeheg is about a hedgehog called Max who is trying to find a safe way for hedgehogs to cross the road. As part of our novel work we are looking at the Safe Cross Code and different ways of crossing the road safely. We made mini books about the Safe Cross Code and read them to the junior infants. We made sure to
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What Makes 5th Class Scream?

We looked at “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. We also looked at what influenced his paintings. Edvard’s mum died of T.B when he was a child and his sister also died young. Edvard’s dad was very religious he told Edvard that his mum was looking down on him from heaven. That would scare a young child. Edvard was out for a walk overlooking a
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6th Class Donation to Sligo Cancer Support Centre

Today, June 6th, we had a visitor in 6th class. A really nice lady called Maureen from the Sligo Cancer Support Centre. She came so that we could present her with a cheque for €500! We raised this money together, donating from our Confirmation money, so that the centre could continue to provide the excellent services that they provide. The Support Centre cares for
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