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Junior Infants At Work

We’ve been improving our colouring skills and learning to recognise the characters in Oxford Reading Tree.

Junior Infants visit the library

On Wednesday we visited the school library and enjoyed looking at a selection of books. We will soon be able to borrow books to read at home.

Room on the Broom

Junior and Senior Infants went to the Hawks Well Theatre on Mon March 27th to see Room on the Broom. Afterwards they went to Kevinsfort playground for lunch and play time! The children loved Room on the Broom and were very lucky to get such a nice sunny day at the park!

Polar Regions

We’ve enjoyed our topic on the Arctic and Antarctic. In class we’ve had a Polar Regions library with books to read and examples of various animals that inhabit the Polar Regions. We created our own books on polar bears and penguins. In art we painted an adult emperor penguin or a chick, recreated some Inuit art and made a scene showing a polar bear
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Safe Cross Code

After reading The Hodgeheg a story about a hedgehog trying to find a safe place to cross the road we looked at different ways of crossing the road including the Safe Cross Code. We then made Safe Cross Code books which we read to Junior Infants. On the astro turf we made some roads using cones and practiced crossing the road with them to
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Story time with 2nd and Junior Infants

Over the last couple of weeks the children in Second class were working very hard on their versions of the Christmas story. Once they were completed they went down to Junior Infants to read the stories to them. Second Class remembered to ask questions while they were reading and everyone enjoyed themselves.  

Redevelopment of School Library Complete

The school library was completed as part of the 2001 extension of the school. It gave a great focus to reading and was in constant use by all of the classes. In 2011, with the help of the Parents’ Association, a library management system was provided, allowing the entire stock of books to be computerised. This system enabled a much more efficient system of lending
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Authors in Second Class

Authors in Second Class The children have been busy writing stories based on a cat stuck up a tree.  After editing their stories they each made a book with a front cover that included the title, author and illustrator and a back cover that showed the publisher, back page blurb, other books by these famous authors and a price. On Wednesday they read their
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The Legend of Spud Murphy

We are really enjoying our latest novel The Legend of Spud Murphy. Spud is described as a ninja librarian. She is very strict and it is believed she has a spud gun under her desk that she uses on bold children. We are discussing the story as we read it, finding new words, making predictions and practising our reading aloud skills. We drew pictures
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Book Reviews by Rang II

Pupils in Rang II got the opportunity to get an advance copy of the new Zig and Zag book, “The Fridge in a Denim Jacket” and do some reviews on it for the Seomra Ranga website. These are their reviews: This was a great book. It was hilarious because it had lots of jokes. I thought the speech bubbles were very funny. The pictures
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