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Making Butterflies

Last week we made butterflies. We folded the paper in two. Then we opened the paper and put three colours of paint on the paper. We closed the paper and spread the paint with our hands. We opened up the page and a nice coloured butterfly appeared. We let them dry overnight. Next day we cut them out and we stuck on a body,
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String Prints

We did string printing for art yesterday. They were like foldover prints. We folded the page in half. We got string and put it into the paint. We used orange, yellow, blue, red, green and purple paint. Then we took the string out of the paint and put it on the piece of paper. Then we folded the paper over. We opened the paper
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Vegetable and Fruit Printing

We did fruit and vegetable prints at school. Some of the vegetables we used are potatoes, carrots, bananas, radish, pepper and onions. We used different paints and put the vegetables in the paint. We stuck them on the wall in the classroom when they were dry. The vegetable prints were great fun to make. By Aidan D and Ciara Mc