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Junior Infants Making Pizzas

On Friday morning we made our own pizzas. Breda Heffernan helped us, she brought in balls of dough which we flattened to make the bases, we then put on tomato sauce and our choice of toppings – cheese, ham, tomato and salami. The pizzas went into the oven to cook. We ate them outside. Thank you Breda we really enjoyed making pizzas.

Fruit Kabobs

We have been looking at procedure writing. As part of this we read about making fruit kabobs in Literacy Leap. On Friday we made fruit kabobs of our own, as it was the last day before Halloween we are all dressed up. Thank you to the parents who kindly sent in fruit and to Majella Golden who came in to help us. We all
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Fruit Kabobs in Second Class

After reading an example of a procedure about making fruit kabobs we wrote our own procedures and followed them to make our own kabobs. We then enjoyed eating them. We all typed something about making fruit kabobs. We made fruit kabobs they were all very tasty but I liked the banana the best. Kaylah My favourite fruit was apple and orange. It was very
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Healthy Eating Guidelines

On Thursday November 12th, a meeting for parents was held in the school to outline our new Healthy Eating Guidelines for school. This was the culmination of a lengthy process of consultation between teachers, parents and pupils. A committee of staff and parents consulted with the general parent body and the pupils of the school to ascertain their views on healthy eating. Some of
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Fruit Kebabs

Last week the pupils in The Glen made Fruit Kebabs to give everybody an opportunity to taste different types of fruit. We used banana, apple, pear, kiwi, mango, orange, melon and kaki. We looked at the colour of the skin and the inside of each of the fruit. We cut them up into cubes and each pupil put their own selection of fruit onto
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A better future for all the world’s children

Children in 5th  class Ransboro did a project on the theme “A better future for all the worlds’ children.” We worked in groups of two, each group selecting a country that Irish Aid assists. We thought about, talked through and researched the particular country of our choice. We examined the eight millennium development goals in detail. We paid particular attention to goals which combat
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Cooking With Rhubarb

Today we were cooking in the school kitchen while the rest of the class were playing a Gaelic football match. We made four different desserts: Cottage Pudding, Rhubarb Trifle, Rhubarb Jelly and a Raspberry Mousse. We went into the school’s organic garden to pick some rhubarb and then we went into the kitchen to start cooking. At first we washed and dried the rhubarb,
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Cooking Rhubarb

We picked rhubarb from the organic garden at the back of the school beside our yard. We went inside to the school kitchen and washed our hands. We did this in groups as the kitchen is too small. Everyone else worked in the halla beside the kitchen while the group cooked. We put an apron on and cut off the leaves from the rhubarb.
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Food Science Experiment

We are doing a food science experiment. We want to see which type of food gets bad first. We got plates and put food on them. These are the foods we put on the plates: a half eaten apple, a piece of cooked ham. some cheese, some bread, a cut grape, a melon skin and a piece of banana. We are going to observe
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School Cookbook

Our school has just finished creating a cookbook. It has all sorts of recipes in it – starters, main courses, desserts and cakes and breads. The pupils designed pictures for a competition to illustrate the cookbook. One picture was chosen for the cover of the cookbook. It was designed by Ciara H in 5th class. There are more illustrations inside the cookbook. On Friday
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