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Train Driver Visits School

In connection with our Aistear topic (travel and in particular the train) a train driver visited us last week. He told us lots about his job and the trains he drives. He brought some of his equipment with him and we were able to try some of it out. We watched a video taken from the front of the train so we could see
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Farm Shop and Smoothie Bar!

Our Aistear theme for this month is a Farm Shop!  We sell healthy, fresh local produce in our shop! We are learning all about The Farm, farm animals, healthy eating, the food pyramid and lots more!! See some photos below…

Pyjama Day for Temple St. Hospital

    We had a Pyjama Day today for Temple st. Hospital. We wore our pyjamas to school and were snug and warm all day! Kyle is going to Temple St next week and we raised 220 euros to send with him as a thank you to the doctors and nurses for caring for sick children. We had hot chocolate and buns today as
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Senior Infants’ Doctor’s Visit

Senior Infants had a visit from Olivia’s dad Dr Zac Johnson on Monday morning. This was related to our current topic: The Hospital. The children were very excited to practise using a stethoscope, otoscope and ultrasound on eachother! Thanks to Dr Johnson for visiting us.

Junior Infants Inuit Style

For the last 4 weeks the Junior Infants have been learning all about the Arctic. They have learned about the animals and the people that live there.  We turned our dramatic play area into an igloo with an ice fishing whole and a sled with husky dogs to pull it along!! The children have had great fun learn all about the Inuit culture and
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School Features in Aistear Video

Aistear (an Irish word meaning “Journey”) is a framework for developing literacy and numeracy through play, which is very much supported and promoted by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) through the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). In Ransboro National School, we embrace this approach and focus on it in the Junior and Senior Infant classes and this approach will now
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Our Post Office

Before Christmas, we had a Post Office in our classroom.  We learned  about what happens in the Post Office and we wrote letters, cards, and postcards to each other.  Then we posted our letters etc in our Post Box. We were very lucky to get a visit from a real Postman!  Postman Stephen took time out of his very busy schedule to tell us all about his job.  He showed us
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Pet Shop Opened!

We have opened our pet shop in Junior Infants and the children are having a wonderful time shopping for their pets! We have also made pet snakes from socks and gluing on patterns using coloued felt.            

The Dentist Surgery

Last week we opened the Dentist Surgery in our classroom. The children have been learning all about their teeth, the names of different teeth, what jobs they do and how to take care of them. We were very lucky to have Eimear Cleary come in to talk to the children today.  She did a very interesting experiment to show the children how much sugar
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Ransboro Cafe

For the month of February we have had a cafe in the dramatic play area of the classroom.  The children have had so much fun taking the orders of the customers, preparing the meals in the kitchen and paying the bill when they are leaving.  They also created their own menus and make cupcakes out of play-dough!  Here are a few pictures of all
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