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Write a Book Project 2018

The children in 4th Class wrote their very own book! After studying character development, scene setting and much more they began by writing their first draft. They then edited it and completed their second draft. After that they were ready for writing their actual book. Every story was different from each other and gave us many laughs and shocking surprises within the narrative. Here
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Fractions and Decimals

4th Class used peg boards to represent their Maths numbers in decimal and fraction form.

Peace Proms 2018

  A very well done to our school choir who did themselves proud at the 2018 Peace Proms! We had a fantastic time in the RDS in Dublin. 2000 children took to the stage with the amazing Cross Border Orchestra for what was an electric performance!!

An Important Visitor!!

In Aistear this month, we are learning about people who help us.  There are lots of people who help us. Joe’s daddy is a Paramedic with Meath Ambulance Service and he took time out to come and talk to us today about his work as a Paramedic and he also volunteers with the Coastguard. We learned a lot about his job and how he helps
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The Opticians in Junior Infants

Our current Aistear topic is the opticians. We’ve made appointments, tested our eye sight, chosen glasses and cases and then paid for everything. We have also been very busy making play dough glasses and various items in junk art.

Happy Christmas from 4th Class!

Happy Christmas from 4th Class! Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Art and our mini drama of ‘An Nollaig’ as gaeilge. I hope everyone enjoys the well deserved break, and best wishes for a wonderful 2018.

First Class – Laptops and Ipods

The children have been learning how to use the keyboard on the laptop and the QWERTY typing system. They are learning how to navigate MS Word.

First Class – 2 D Shapes – Aistear – Magic Potion Shop- Magsnaps

First Class – Music Generation with Carl

The children are learning about composers and the beat using games, technology, stories, art and music.

First Class – Clay painting – Our Zoo Animals

The children worked very diligently creating their own zoo animal after they clay had dried, the children painted their animal.