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Happy Christmas from 4th Class!

Happy Christmas from 4th Class! Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Art and our mini drama of ‘An Nollaig’ as gaeilge. I hope everyone enjoys the well deserved break, and best wishes for a wonderful 2018.

First Class – Laptops and Ipods

The children have been learning how to use the keyboard on the laptop and the QWERTY typing system. They are learning how to navigate MS Word.

First Class – 2 D Shapes – Aistear – Magic Potion Shop- Magsnaps

First Class – Music Generation with Carl

The children are learning about composers and the beat using games, technology, stories, art and music.

First Class – Clay painting – Our Zoo Animals

The children worked very diligently creating their own zoo animal after they clay had dried, the children painted their animal.

First Class teams for Quiz

First Class Science – Materials and Change

As part of our Aistear Topic, ‘Magic Potion Shop’ and to tie in with our Autumn Theme, we explored how materials change in different conditions. We did a science experiement on how chocolate and butter change from solid to liquid when they are heated. We made Rice Krispie buns on the last day before mid term break. It was very exciting as everyone was
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First Class – Dog on a Broomstick

Our class novel was Dog on a Broomstick, it is a very funny story, the children loved reading it and acting out the parts, especially the witch!  

First Class – Magic Potion Shop – Junk Art

The children created Magic Potion and Halloween themed junk art, some children created individual pieces while others collaborated and did a team project. Well done First Class!

First Class – Magic Potion Shop

The children explored the Aistear topic, ‘Magic Potion Shop’, they created spells, mixed magic potions, created concoctions with their own imaginative ingredients and then prepared the potions for sale in their Magic Potion Shop. It was very exciting!