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6th Class in Delphi – Day 1

Delphi day 1!! On day 1 we arrived at the school at 9:20 to get on the bus. Before we got on the bus a lot of people were taking pictures. We had a 2 and a half hour bus ride to get to Delphi, everyone was very excited. When we arrived Maura was waiting for us she brought us to the conservatory where
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6th Class in Delphi – Day 2

The next morning we did kayaking. We did kayaking for two and a half hours. We played fun kayaking games. We played cops ‘n’ robbers game like ‘Sharks and Minnows’. We did pier jumping and played on our kayaks. Afterwards we did team building. Some games were confusing! The first one was called ‘Spiders Web’. It was ropes all tied together which we had
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6th Class in Delphi – Day 3

Delphi Day 3   The Great Adventure We woke up and took everything out of the room and put them in the sports hall. Next we had breakfast we had cereal, tea and toast. Soon we headed for the zip wire .We climbed up a ladder joining to a pole. On top of the pole there was a wobbly platform and a very nice
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Our visit to Breeogue Pottery

Last Thursday we went on a bus to visit Breeogue Pottery. It is very close to our school. Grainne showed us around her studio. We saw the two kilns that Grainne used for our sculptures and pots. Grainne made a bowl and a vase while we were there. It was fascinating to watch Grainne make these items from clay! Grainne then showed us how to glaze
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First and Second Class in Carrowmore

Our Visit to Carrowmore Tombs!

  Yesterday we went to Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery. An archaeologist called Gretta showed us around. Our favourite part was when we went into a tomb. We did rubbings on the tombs. Colm, Cliodhna & Ríon   The largest tomb we visited in Carrowmore is called Listoghil.  It is covered by a huge 4 metre cairn like the cairn that is on the top of
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iPod Workshop in Portlaoise

Next Saturday week, 3rd class are going on a minibus to Portlaoise to give a workshop about using the iPods in the classroom. It will take three hours to get there and three hours to get back. Mrs. Clarke, our principal, and Mrs. O’ Rourke, our deputy principal, will be coming to the conference with us. We will stop for a snack on the
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Our Trip to Sligo Education Centre

On Friday October 8th, we went on a bus to Sligo Education Centre to show work on our iPod Touches. There were lots of principals from schools around Sligo there. Mary, who gave us the iPod Touches, was there as well. Fiona’s mum was there and Caoimhe O’s dad was there and Mrs. Clarke, our principal, was there. We were there for an hour.
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Our Visit to the Library

Today we went to Sligo County Library to listen to an author named Malachy Doyle.as part of Children’s Book Festival 2010. We listened to him read some stories that he had written. There was one story called “Football Ghosts”. He read half of it and he asked us some questions. He also asked us what we thought would come next. There was another story
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6th Class visit Northwest Hospice

On Friday 24th September 6th class visited the newly refurbished Northwest  Hospice. It is a very bright, colourful and friendly place. A nurse called Hazel met us and brought us into the ward. Here she talked to us about the patients who come to stay in the hospice. She explained that the hospice is not only for cancer patients but also for other patients with long term
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