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School Cookbook

Our school has just finished creating a cookbook. It has all sorts of recipes in it – starters, main courses, desserts and cakes and breads. The pupils designed pictures for a competition to illustrate the cookbook. One picture was chosen for the cover of the cookbook. It was designed by Ciara H in 5th class. There are more illustrations inside the cookbook. On Friday
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6th Class in Delphi – Day 1

Delphi day 1!! On day 1 we arrived at the school at 9:20 to get on the bus. Before we got on the bus a lot of people were taking pictures. We had a 2 and a half hour bus ride to get to Delphi, everyone was very excited. When we arrived Maura was waiting for us she brought us to the conservatory where
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6th Class in Delphi – Day 2

The next morning we did kayaking. We did kayaking for two and a half hours. We played fun kayaking games. We played cops ‘n’ robbers game like ‘Sharks and Minnows’. We did pier jumping and played on our kayaks. Afterwards we did team building. Some games were confusing! The first one was called ‘Spiders Web’. It was ropes all tied together which we had
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6th Class in Delphi – Day 3

Delphi Day 3   The Great Adventure We woke up and took everything out of the room and put them in the sports hall. Next we had breakfast we had cereal, tea and toast. Soon we headed for the zip wire .We climbed up a ladder joining to a pole. On top of the pole there was a wobbly platform and a very nice
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School Bereavement

It is with great sadness that we wish to inform you of the death of our dear colleague Mary Cullen. School will be closed on Tuesday 17th for the funeral. The 1st Communion Choir will sing at the funeral mass. Other children are being asked to form a guard of honour outside the church with their parents. A note to explain the arrangements will
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6th Class qualify for Xperience Engineering National Finals

The boys and girls in 6th class are delighted that all of their hard work has paid off! Our Xperience Engineering Project has been chosen in the top 20 in the country and we have been invited to the Helix in Dublin on June 9th to present our project to the judges. Four children from our class will get the opportunity to travel to
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Easter Treasure Hunt

On Thursday, before we got our Easter holidays, we had a Treasure Hunt. We had seven teams. Each team had a code and clues. We had to find the answers to the clues and break the secret code. The code led us all to the hall. The treasure was in the hall!
In the halla, we had some Easter treasures, hot chocolate and marshmallows. The hot chocolate and marshmallows were our treat because we reached our target of 120 points for lining up quietly after our break times!
By Amber & Nicole 1st & 2nd Class

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April Fool’s Day

Today is April Fool’s Day and our teacher played an April Fool’s Day joke on us. We fell for it completely. He told us that a photographer had come to the school to take a photograph of us. We went up to the hall and brought Russ, our class bear with us. We also took the box that we had received from @superkiddos in
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Circle Time

On Tuesdays we have Circle Time in the halla. There is a special thing called the speaking object. If we have a problem we can share it during Circle Time. If we behave and work well all week, we get Golden Time on Fridays. There are five Circle Time skills. They are: Concentrating, Listening, Looking, Speaking and Thinking. There are also Six Golden Rules:
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6th Class fun in the snow!

The school has been a blanket of snow for the last few days.              We made snowmen on the astroturf….. it was boys against girls!            As you can see we had great fun!             The boys won the challenge. They were very proud of themselves!!!