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Brass Instruments

We learned about the brass instruments in the orchestra – the tuba, the trumpet, the trombone and the French horn. We listened to the instruments on these websites: The New York Philharmonic Kidzone: HERE>>>>> The San Francisco Symphony Kids HERE>>>>>

Spelling Bee

Today we used a programme called Spelling Bee to help learn spellings. You can look at the programme and use it at home HERE>>>>>

Starfish at Lissadell

 Starfish on Lissadell Beach      A freak storm washed between 30,000-50,000 starfish on to Lissadell Beach in Sligo last Thursday. We had really strong winds over the past couple of days which could have caused it.  Scientists have said that the storm force winds could have caused a tsunami-like monster wave which lifted the starfish from the seabed, as they were feeding on
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      What are Starfish?     Starfish are a sea animal with spiny skin in the shape of a star. They are not really a fish. They are crustaceans. They cannot swim, they crawl and climb.   Most have 5 arms. If a fish bites off one, it can grow a new one! A starfish can survive with only their centre part and
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John Lennon

Art Work by Sarah John Lennon was in a band called “The Beatles”. John wrote the songs. Then the band broke up. Then he became a singer by himself. He is a great singer. We listened to John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. It was great. We made an Imagine sheet. We wrote about what we imagined the world should be like. By Lynne and Lola

The Brown Bull of Cooley

Art Work by Caoimhe O’ Queen Maeve and Ailill lived in Connacht. One night Maeve and Ailill started to boast about their riches. But then Ailill then remembered his white bull Finnbhennach. Maeve was silent because she had no bull in her herd like this one. Maeve sent for her druid immediately! “Tell me”, she demanded, “where in Ireland will I find a bull
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Safety in the Home

We looked at a website to learn about safety in the home. We looked at safety in the kitchen, in the lounge, in the bedroom and in the garden. Visit this website HERE >>>>>

Fourth Class Fancy Dress!

Fourth Class Halloween Fancy Dress!!!   Everyone came in to school today dressed up for Halloween. Even the teachers dressed up! We had an assembly this morning and saw everyone’s costumes. The teacher’s couldn’t pick winners so everyone got a treat! We had a fun day at school. Enjoy the holidays.

Custard Custard

This podcast is about a naughty boy named Curtis. Curtis liked nothing but custard. The cook, was tired of making custard so she decided to teach Curtis a lesson. Listen to our podcast to find out what the lesson was. This is our first podcast. Making the podcast was good fun. We hope you enjoy listening to it. custard_custard_02

Spooky Monster

This is a play called Spooky Monster. We recorded our voices and made a podcassst.The podcast was about a monster. It was fun making this podcast. We hope you enjoy listening to it. spooky_monster_02