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Custard Custard

This podcast is about a naughty boy named Curtis. Curtis liked nothing but custard. The cook, was tired of making custard so she decided to teach Curtis a lesson. Listen to our podcast to find out what the lesson was. This is our first podcast. Making the podcast was good fun. We hope you enjoy listening to it. custard_custard_02

Spooky Monster

This is a play called Spooky Monster. We recorded our voices and made a podcassst.The podcast was about a monster. It was fun making this podcast. We hope you enjoy listening to it. spooky_monster_02

Wordle Work

We used the website Wordle.net to write words that we are learning to spell and words that we were doing in phonics work.

Ironhead Mathsflash

We were practising our tables in class with Ironhead Mathsflash. This programme can be downloaded free HERE>>>>>

Healthy Eating

  Healthy Eating   We are learning about the food pyramid. You should eat 6 or more portions from the Carbohydrate group. Try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables everyday. Eat something from the fish, meat and dairy group. Eat foods from the top of the food pyramid sparingly!!! We are all healthy eaters in 4th Class!!