Science Facts

We used an app on our iPod Touches called 10,000 Science Facts. We wrote down five science facts that we found out from the app into our copies. Here are some of the facts that we found out: Chickens are 75% water All babies are colour blind when they are born One out of every four million lobsters are blue An asteroid can destroy
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Spellings & Tables Rang II & III

Rang II Click here to do your spelling test. Click here to do your tables test. Rang III Click here to do your spelling test. Click here to do your tables test.

Our Class Rules

We had a discussion about all sorts of rules in the world. We talked about if we needed rules or not. We talked about how useful and important  rules were. We decided that if there weren’t rules we would not get along in class and life would be dangerous. We each wrote three rules for our classroom on a sheet of paper. We wrote
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School in the Past

For homework we interviewed our mum, dad, aunt or grandparents to find out what their life was like when they were younger. We found out lots of interesting facts about their life. Here are some of the things that we discovered: My granny told me about boxty which was a type of food treat (Leah) My granny’s favourite thing to do was cycle (Joshua) My
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How Food Goes Off

Today we talked about what sort of food goes off. We looked at a science book and we saw pictures of all different types of foods that have gone off. There was a picture of peaches and one had a mould on it. We talked about preserving food. You can preserve food by putting salt on it, by pickling it, by freezing it, by
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Booklists 2010/2011

The following are the booklists for the school year 2010/2011: Junior Infants: HERE>>>>> Senior Infants HERE>>>>> First Class: HERE>>>>> Second Class (Ms. Mc Namara): HERE>>>>> Second Class (Mr. Quinn): HERE>>>>> Third Class: HERE>>>>> Fourth Class: HERE>>>>> Fifth Class: HERE>>>>> Sixth Class: HERE>>>>>

Sports Day

On June 22nd it was Sports Day in Ransboro NS. First Rang II played unihoc and Rang I played table tennis. Then Rang II went on the bouncing castles and Rang I played unihoc. Then we had our breaktime. Then Rang II did parachute and Rang I did bouncing castles. Then Rang II played table tennis and Rang I did parachute games. Then we
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Review of the Year

We made a Review of the Year word cloud using Wordle. We typed in all the things we did during the year. The things we liked we typed in more than once so that the word would come out bigger in the word cloud. We never knew how many different things we did during the year and then we realised that we had done
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Twitter is used for talking to other schools. We are working on a Jackson Pollock painting called No. 5. We are saying if it is good or not good. Some think it is not good, some think it is good. In Twitter you can follow other people or schools and they can follow our Tweets too. At the top of the Twitter page we
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iPod Touch Socks

Last Friday Mr. Quinn asked us to make a sock for our iPod Touch. The reason was to protect the iPods and so they would not get lost on the tables at school. We had to re-use any old clothes or material to make the sock. We came up with lots of different ideas. Some of us used vests, socks, old tracksuits, gloves and
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