Mind Maps

Every Tuesday and Wednesday we do English with Mrs. Timoney and Mr. Quinn. Last week we did Mind Maps. A mind Map is a story that you draw and write Who? What Happened? Where? How it Ends? What’s the problem? and How to solve the Problem? You also have to awrite a theme in the middle. It really helps you to think more. The
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Volleyball Lessons

Every Wednesday 3rd Class go to Volleyball after school. Our coach’s name is Ray. We started it on January 19th, so Aaron did badminton with us instead. You can read about that here. We enjoyed doing badminton. It was great fun. In volleyball, there are four moves that we are learning. They are called the spike, serve, set and the dig. Our first lesson
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Story Brainstorming

We do brainstorming every Tuesday and Wednesday with Mrs. Timoney and Mr. Quinn. This week we did the brainstorming in groups and pairs. Then we did mind maps. The title of the mind map was “The Lost Treasure”. For homework we did a mind map for a story called “The Hungry Fox”. Mind maps are some pictures that make up a story. You use
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Badminton Lesson

On Wednesday 19th January, 3rd class did a badminton lesson in the halla after school. We were supposed to do volleyball but the man who was coming to do volleyball couldn’t come because he was sick. So we did badminton instead. To play badminton, you need a long high net, a racket and a shuttlecock. You hit the shuttlecock with the racket over the
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Sound Experiment

Yesterday the class did a sound experiment. We started the experiment by scratching under the table and listening to what it sounded like. Then we put our ears on the table and scratched under the table again to see if there was any difference in the sound. When we put our ear to the table the sound was louder. When we sat up straight,
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iPod Workshop in Portlaoise

Next Saturday week, 3rd class are going on a minibus to Portlaoise to give a workshop about using the iPods in the classroom. It will take three hours to get there and three hours to get back. Mrs. Clarke, our principal, and Mrs. O’ Rourke, our deputy principal, will be coming to the conference with us. We will stop for a snack on the
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Clay Masks

On Tuesday January 18th we made small masks out of clay. A man came in with a bag of clay and strips of plastic for the tables. The clay felt cold, damp and mushy. We used special tools for making details on the masks. First, we rolled it into a ball. Next, we squished it down and used a pencil to make a cross.
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Senior Infants Working on Laptops

        We did Jolly Phonics on the laptops today. We played games on Jolly Phonics. We have lots of exciting things on Jolly Phonics.         We had lots of fun on Jolly Phonics. We like the laptops! We love Jolly Phonics!          Here are some pictures of us hard at work. Everybody likes the laptops. We were very good!                                           

The Lion and the Mouse

We read the story of the lion and the mouse.  It is one of Aesop’s Fables. We looked at a clip on YouTube and we looked at lots of photographs of lions. We drew a picture of a lion using charcoal. We took a photograph of our lions. It was fun. What is the moral of this story? Little friends may prove to be
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Happy New Year!

First & Second Class 2011 – PDF Happy New Year from all of us in First and Second Class! We have made our own calendar by using Microsoft Publisher! We hope you like it!