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Transport Projects – 2nd Class

Second Class carried out projects based on the theme “Transport”. They worked in groups at home and in school to make 3D models of either famous world landmarks or a from of transport. They loved sharing what they learned with the rest of their class and they were excellent describing their projects to the classes that came into see them.

The Organic Garden

Before the summer many classes throughout the school worked in our organic garden with Seamus and Mrs.O’Rourke. The children learned a lot from this experience as they saw the development of the vegetables from seed to full size. Then in September they got to bring home a selection of the vegetables to eat.

Throwback Thursday

Earlier in the year Third Class took a trip to Hazelwood with a wildlife expert called Michael Bell. He taught us many interesting facts and showed us the best places to find mini beasts in the woods. The children worked together to identify trees and plants which they had previously learned about in class. It was such an educational and fun trip!

Second Class Art

We have enjoyed many Art lessons so far this term. The strands we focused on are: drawing, paint and colour, fabric and fibre. Here is a selection of their good work.

Viking Projects

Third class have been learning about Vikings over the last few weeks and worked in pairs on their projects. Here are a few quotes from the children: Isabel – “I liked working in pairs because I was with my friend. We built a round tower, a shield and a sword”. Turlough – “I loved how the ship was made. I learned that vikings are
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Leave No Trace Workshop

In December Third Class took part in a Leave No Trace workshop based on environmental awareness and promoting the importance of our oceans. Dorothy, our speaker on the day, brought in various objects she found on a local beach. In groups the children had to estimate how long each item would take to disintegrate. Items such as plastic bags, runners and glass bottles were
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The Model Gallery

Blog post written by Sarah  We went to the Model Art Gallery on the 10th of November 2016 and it was amazing! The building used to be a school but then a family bought it. Later they gave it to Sligo County Council and they made it into an art gallery. We went on a tour there. Our tour guide’s name was Chelsea Canavan.
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Hallowe’en in Third Class

We had great fun this year dressing up for Hallowe’en and making Hallowe’en art. We created pictures based on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival in Mexico. We also made Frankenstein pictures using a variety of coloured card.

Mad Hair Day Third Class

  Our class had great fun on Mad Hair Day and it was great to see so much effort put into the hairstyles. The school raised money on the day for the Sligo Cancer Support Centre.  

Third Class Water Projects

The children worked in small groups on their projects. They carried out their research at home and in school and presented them to the class on May 13th. The topics covered were: The Great Barrier Reef, Rivers and lakes of Ireland, Rivers and lakes of the World, Sea Life, Oceans and Seas of the World, The Water Cycle and Sea Plants and Animals. The
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