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Parke’s Castle Tour

The review of Parkes castle by Tadhg and Zack We went on a school tour to Parke’s Castle on the 18th of September. Before we went to Parks castle we watched a few a few videos and did a bit of studying about the castle with teacher. When we arrived our tour guide brought us into the courtyard where we got to go on
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4th Class School Tour

Yesterday, the 25th of June, we went on our school tour to Donegal Adventure Centre. Here are some photos of our day away.    

Teddy Making

4th Class finished their sewing project. Have a look at the beautiful teddies that were made!

Sewing in the Sun

4th Class made the most of the sun last week and brought their sewing project outside. They have started to make teddies. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Music Generation Concert

4th Class have been working hard learning how to play the guitar since September. Here are some of the pictures of them on Day 1, and now at their performance in the Hawks Well. What a difference just a few months have made. Well done 4th Class.  

Lissadell House Tour 4th Class 2018

Blog Post written by 4th Class. Introduction: On the 19th of April 4th class went to see Lissadell House.The journey was a half an hour to Lissadell House.On the way, we saw a statue of Constance being released from prison. Then we saw the beach,not too far from the statue. Then we arrived at Lissadel house.But first,we saw Alpacas,three alpacas. When we got there we
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Write a Book Project 2018

The children in 4th Class wrote their very own book! After studying character development, scene setting and much more they began by writing their first draft. They then edited it and completed their second draft. After that they were ready for writing their actual book. Every story was different from each other and gave us many laughs and shocking surprises within the narrative. Here
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Fractions and Decimals

4th Class used peg boards to represent their Maths numbers in decimal and fraction form.

Happy Christmas from 4th Class!

Happy Christmas from 4th Class! Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Art and our mini drama of ‘An Nollaig’ as gaeilge. I hope everyone enjoys the well deserved break, and best wishes for a wonderful 2018.

Storm Ophelia

Ex-Hurricane ‘Storm Ophelia’ hit our shores last week. You could not listen to the radio, open a newspaper or watch tv without hearing about this famous storm. The red alert meant that the Department of Education decided to close all schools for two days. This made the children (and teachers) of Ireland very happy! Thankfully Sligo was not hit too badly and everyone listened
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