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Happy Christmas from 4th Class!

Happy Christmas from 4th Class! Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Art and our mini drama of ‘An Nollaig’ as gaeilge. I hope everyone enjoys the well deserved break, and best wishes for a wonderful 2018.

Storm Ophelia

Ex-Hurricane ‘Storm Ophelia’ hit our shores last week. You could not listen to the radio, open a newspaper or watch tv without hearing about this famous storm. The red alert meant that the Department of Education decided to close all schools for two days. This made the children (and teachers) of Ireland very happy! Thankfully Sligo was not hit too badly and everyone listened
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Happy Halloween from 4th Class

We were all amazed by the amazing costumes all the children of Ransboro N.S. dressed in today. This year the school decided to fund raise for ‘The Mitchell Sisters’, former pupils of our school. Here is a look at the costumes that 4th Class appeared in this year. Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a very enjoyable break!

Parkes Castle 2017

4th Class recently visited our local Castle Parkes Castle. We learned a bit about the background of the castle and its inhabitants over the years before our tour. This helped us understand what we were to see on our trip. The tour was fascinating as always. We had a wonderful tour guide who gave us all a very detailed history of the castle, its
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Guitar in 4th Class

4th Class have started guitar with their Music Generation teacher Karl. Have a look at these pictures from their first lesson.

Marble Run

4th Class were involved in a group project in which they had to create a ‘Marble Run’ out of recycled materials. Their object was to make the marble move as slowly as possible. The run had to be 2m in length and they were free to come up with whatever design and obstacles they wished. The finished projects were amazing! They were all so
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‘Teddy Making’ in 4th Class

4th Class have been busy these last two weeks making their very own teddy. They started with pinning and then stitching the two pieces of material together. They then stuffed the teddy and added facial features. Anyone who finished early created outfits and costumes for their teddy or customised it with extra detail. Some children even made a mini teddy as a friend for their
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Easter Pom Pom Bunnies

4th Class made Pom Pom bunnies for Easter. Take a look at their cute creations! Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy the break!

Lissadell House

4th Class went on a school tour to Lissadell house. They spent some time learning about Robert Gore Booth, Henry Gore Booth, Constance Markievicz and the connection W.B. Yeats had with the famous house. We found it a very interesting topic to study as it covered a lot of historical subjects- such as the Famine and the 1916 Rising. The tour to the house
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Write a Book Project

The children in 4th Class have been working very hard for a number of weeks creating their very own book. They began the writing process with a lot of planning- characters, setting, descriptions, openings etc. Once they were happy with their preparation they were ready to start Draft 1. On completion of Draft 1, it was corrected using editing symbols in which the children
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