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‘Teddy Making’ in 4th Class

4th Class have been busy these last two weeks making their very own teddy. They started with pinning and then stitching the two pieces of material together. They then stuffed the teddy and added facial features. Anyone who finished early created outfits and costumes for their teddy or customised it with extra detail. Some children even made a mini teddy as a friend for their
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Easter Pom Pom Bunnies

4th Class made Pom Pom bunnies for Easter. Take a look at their cute creations! Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy the break!

Lissadell House

4th Class went on a school tour to Lissadell house. They spent some time learning about Robert Gore Booth, Henry Gore Booth, Constance Markievicz and the connection W.B. Yeats had with the famous house. We found it a very interesting topic to study as it covered a lot of historical subjects- such as the Famine and the 1916 Rising. The tour to the house
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Write a Book Project

The children in 4th Class have been working very hard for a number of weeks creating their very own book. They began the writing process with a lot of planning- characters, setting, descriptions, openings etc. Once they were happy with their preparation they were ready to start Draft 1. On completion of Draft 1, it was corrected using editing symbols in which the children
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An Nollaig

The children in 4th Class have been doing a drama ‘as Gaeilge’ portraying the story of the first Christmas. 2nd and 3rd Classes came to watch them act it out. Well done to all! In Art the children also drew and painted the Nativity Scene. They turned out beautifully!


The children started sewing in 4th Class. First they learned how to ‘backstitch’. Once they had all mastered that skill, they could start on their art piece. They traced a hand print from either their grandparents or parents. They then drew that hand print onto hessian material. They threaded their needles and started to back-stitch the outline of the hand onto the material. Afterwards they
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Making Soup

Blog Post by Killian and Julie-Rose Today we drank and made soup. We went to the Glen and used the kitchen there. Our class got different jobs such as cutting unions,peeling the carrots,putting vegetables into a pot and peeling potatoes. We also cut the bread. The Green School Committee took the peas out of the pea pods. (Mrs O Rourke,Jamie,Jacob,Oisín,Frazer,Lily,Killian,Julie,Nicole,Isabel,Brian and Lily) We then got
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4th Class Science Project

Marble run Our teacher asked us to make a marble run project because we were learning about force and slowing things down .When teacher asked us to make a marble run we all screamed ‘yes’ !! We had a competition for most decorative and the slowest marble run. Teacher thought they were all so good, so we all got a prize aswell as a
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Fourth Class go to Parkes Castle

Post written and typed by Joe, Lucy and Emily B. We visited Parke’s Castle on Monday the 19th of September. We had lots of fun on the bus to the castle. When we got there we were amazed at how old it was.We went into a separate room and saw a small clip of all the monuments around Ireland for example our local Carramore
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Last week 1st Class had a ‘Titanic Day’. The children got a ticket for the boat in 1st Class, 2nd Class or 3rd Class and they had to dress accordingly. The effort that was put into the children’s outfits that day was second to none. They looked brilliant. Many thanks to all the parents for all the time they put into it. The children
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